What is the first thing that enters your mind when you hear the term ‘sustainability’ in reference to clothing?

Most likely your first thought is about fabric- those textiles that are made from natural or recyclable fibers.

Did you know that over 70% of the stuff in landfills today are composed of textile and garment waste? This means that the fashion industry is essentially the second largest polluter in the world… second only to oil derivative pollutants such as plastics! Wow! that’s an amazing, yet fairly quiet statistic. I think that we all should be made aware of this.

So yes, one critical aspect of garment sustainability is about textiles. The more we use natural fibers such as cotton or rayon… the better- because their recycling characteristics are easier on the environment and, in comparison, produce less of those polluting gases.

But there is so much more to consider!

Without writing extensively about sustainable fashion, I think it would be most appropriate to briefly discuss what Mamala Maternity is focused on. Our endeavors expressed here probably will enlighten you as to how much more can be done to ease the detrimental impact that second hand clothing (no, not smoke) has on the environment when we send clothes to the trash.

The key term that we are addressing lately is: the Circular Fashion Economy    Clothing sustainability is about longevity.

 Our Mamala business culture thinks about, and prioritizes the following important factors when we conceptualize (design) new styles:

  • Whenever possible, we must utilize fabrics made from natural fibers. We must avoid most synthetic fibers such as nylon and polyester, which are petroleum based.
  • Mamala encourages the use of less polluting fabric dyes, and use vegetable ink printing processes.
  • Establish strict criteria for textile utilization avoiding excessive textile waste in production.
  •  Design every style for longer, more practical use; Mamala, especially being a maternity garment producer, designs from the onset its ‘silhouettes’ (style models) to emphasize flowing lines (we call it draping)- we create styles that look and fit beautifully- before, during, and after pregnancy:

 Wear Me Now… Wear Me Later

Why not purchase a trendy contemporary style that you can easily and comfortably wear for years? Quality fabrics and styles that are stay in trend!

So what does this mean?

  • Save money! Why buy clothing for the short duration of pregnancy?
  • Longevity- you will not be tossing those items in the trash so quickly.
  • Ease up on waste from fabric to finished garment…. reduce pollution.

Lastly, take a look at what we are developing.

Mamala Maternity has started a ‘not for profit’ organization: 

Garment~Green Alliance

Collaborative efforts will encourage apparel manufacturers as well as consumers to recognize and initiate many obvious  opportunities that reduce excessive waste and impact unnecessary pollution.

Some of the Garment~GreenAlliance’s marketing objectives focus on education and recycling: we  logistically manage donations of  second hand apparel generated from retailer’s returns and markdowns. Clothing for those in need.

Garment Green has the strategic initiative to facilitate a positive impact through environmental and humanitarian efforts- the Circular Fashion Economy; and of course ultimately, a  better planet Earth!

Want to know more? Contact us, or see our Frequently Asked Questions page.